Friday, 3 July, 2009

VIT B.Tech Admission Fees Refund..

How I got my admission fees refunded from Vellore Institute of Technology..
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Vellore Institute of Technology hold its counselling in the month of July, way before that of other prominent universities and engineering institutes
-- Their way of filling their coffers ofcourse..they don't refund the counselling fees(Rs.30,000 for me last year) you see unlike the IITs and NITs.
Plus uncertain students like me, who've given dozens of exams already, to secure the best future, rush along to register for whatever branch is available. Most of us then later get admission in a more prestigious, reputed college and want our money back...

Refund of fees is done according to certain UGC norms -- it means VIT gets deduct some money even though I did not attend a single class, did not even stay a single day in the the hostel room that hadn't yet been alloted to me.
I don't really know what the UGC norms are, its somthing like - fees deduction from initially paid admission fees depends on the number of days after admission you want to leave .

  1. We went to Vellore, met the admissions officer personally. (going to Vellore is not necessary - you can mail your letters too.)
  2. He asked us to write a letter with my Name, Branch, Registration No., DD no. etc that said somthing like 'I wanted to withdraw my admission.' to Admissions Office, VIT, Vellore .
  3. We wrote another letter to 'The Chief Warden, VIT, Vellore' which goes like this - 'I would like to withdraw my hostel room for which I have sent a DD, by courier, of Rs.69,000 drawn from Union Bank of India, Pune, dated 16/6/08.Kindly make arrangements for the refund. Thanking you, .....'. You should write in your full name, address, contact number.
  4. They then handed me a 'No Dues' Form..which was quite absurd, but standard procedure for withdrawal I suppose. I was given directions and made to go to certain athorities' offices , to sign my forms.
  5. I submitted the 'No Dues' form, photocopy of DDs and my 'Temporary Identity Card' given to me during admissions.
  6. We got the letter placed in my file, that the institute had created after my admission.
  7. VIT did not respond for several weeks. We kept calling them. There was a problem we were told, we didn't have any receipt for fees payment...
    I had sent in my fees and hostel option form through DD to the Admissions Office. We didn't get any official confirmation neither any fee receipt, hence we called up the office ourselves for confirmation, which they'd then given on the phone.
  8. Finally after lots of calling and talking, we got our fees refund after 6 months, after deduction of Rs. 10,000.


  1. Did you got back the hostel fees

  2. hey can i have ur email id...need to noe some specifications in the procedure...


  3. I am in the same dilemma for my admission. Like you I also prefer Biotechnology and got admission in VIT which you know is earliest admission.
    With my JEE mains marks (196 of 360)/CBSE marks 95% there may be a possibility to get Biotech in NITs like Warangal or Durgapur.
    Kindly advise with your experience about Biotech in NITs and fee refund.

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